Reach Modem GUI Administration Page when both modems have same 192.x IP address

I have two WAN cable modems, and both of them have the same exact IP web/GUI/HTTP administration address: My network is on a 10.0.x.x network.

If I access the IP address from the LAN, I will randomly get one or the other modem which causes errors.

Is there a clever way to set this up so I can access one or the other?


Best practice, we should not assign network devices using the same IP address (This will cause IP Conflict issue). Recommended please change 1 of the router using other IP range and IP address.

Thank You

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Perhaps there is a misunderstanding? I’m not talking about the WAN IP addresses (which are both different for the two modems).

I’m talking about the cable modem’s built-in administrative IP addresses. I don’t believe can be changed. One is a Motorola SurfBoard 6141, the other is an Arris DG1670a, and both provide the GUI configuration page via

You just need to add an enforced outbound policy rule with the destination being and enforce it to the WAN you want to connect to. When you want to reach the GUI of the other modem you will need to go into the rule and change the enforced WAN.

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That works, thank you.

In fact, I can create rules for both modems at the same time and leave them active in Outbound policy - to change which modem I access I just drag one of the rules higher than the other one and hit Apply Changes - which is pretty painless.

Yeah, that works too :up:

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