RDP and netExtender VPN

Thanks for this amazing device. recently,

we have received peplink 710 as a donation from one of the NGO in our country. before we used to have 3 ADSL Services each 2 Mbps speed (actual speed = 240 Kbps).These connections were serving different networks that are manually configured for gateway and DNS.

Since we have shifted to a new office in March, we have installed this peplink 710 on our network with 3 X 4 Mbps ADSL service (Actual speed = 3 X 500 Kbps) and another 2 x 4 Mbps for the finance without peplink. The reason we have done this is that the Finance Department is using NetExtender VPN from SonicWall and Microsoft Remote Desktop connection to access the cloud Finance Server to execute any transaction required on the cloud. Because when we connect all ADSL services in to the peplink and let the finance Dept use the cloud Finance System through peplink, they get disconnected from the remote desktop connection.

I want to have a group wise access to the ADSL services and give the highest priority to Finance dept to get the best speed connection and be persistent until they disconnect the session manually from Remote desktop connection. By any means they have to get the Highest priority. Other staffs can use the internet connection from what is left by Finance Dept.

please Advise.

You can connect all ADSL connections to the 710 and then just create outbound policy rules so that the finance department computers are always using the same WAN connection.

You can search this Forum for instructions on creating outbound policy rules.


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