Random reboots HD Max2

I have an HD Max 2 I have had for 2 months now and can’t seem to get the best speed and stability I feel that it could have. I am using it mobile in a truck streaming HD video and regular HTTP traffic for web browsing. I have VZW SIM for Cell #1, ATT SIM for Cell #2 and a 4G Hotspot on WIFI WAN. I get them all connected and speed fusion hub connected with VPN established. Two problems here the speed is roughly only about half of what one of the LTE connections can do alone (4Mbps up and down) and the router reboots constantly. I was able to fix the rebooting by going back to the old 5.x firmware and taking it of InControl. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these problems specifically. I did a forum search and found others with a Balancer but not the HD2.

Please open a support ticket via our site and we will take a deeper dive in to your issue:


I’m also chasing a reboot issue on an MAX HD2 running 6.1.0 and is occurring a few times a day. Logs showing seemingly random reboots and other devices on the same power are staying up.

Is there any update to this thread?

Please open a support ticket via our site and we will help to investigate your issue:

Thanks Tim. Just sent it in.