Random Reboot after 8.1.2

I have a Balance One. After the latest update I started to get consistent random reboots I downgraded to 8.1.1 and the frequency reduced to 2-3 per day. Any suggestions?.

What is the voltage and amperage of the power supply attached to the Balance One?

It is the original 12 volt which has been always plugged into a UPS

Ok just checking we have had a number of units that somehow get a different amperage power supply attached to them that causes random reboots.
How old is the unit? I wonder if the power supply is starting to fail?

Interesting. I had the cable provider come in and he said, after testing, I had a bad cable from one of the PC’s. I removed and reboots seem to have stopped, for now lol

I have a MAX Transit DUO that a customer has on his boat that after upgrading to 8.1.2, has been rebooting every few hours. It seems to be tied to WiFi as WAN or making a priority change with interfaces.

We’ve tried changing the DC supply from battery power to the wall wart/AC power with no improvement. I’ve downgraded him remotely to 8.1.1 and will report back if it gets better.

@stevemitchell, thanks for isolating the problem. Do let us know how it goes between 8.1.1 and 8.1.2. Please open a ticket for us to investigate if 8.1.1 is working fine.


We had one spurious reboot running 8.1.1 around the same time a priority was changed in the dashboard (was a common way to trigger it in 8.1.2 it seems) but it has been far more stable. Still, even a single reboot is really not good, but it is better than rebooting every 2 hours… More testing continuing…

I found that even after 8.1.2the Sam issue. I changed the port speed to auto and miraculously the issue stopped.