RADIUS Authentication for Captive Portal


Dear Guys,

How is it possible to setup RADIUS Authentication on Captive Portal for AP One devices ? Is there any user guide for this ?



Hi Hootan,

You may use Balance router to manage AP. Then enable Captive Portal on Balance router with Radius Authentication.


It’s not possible without Balance router ? using Incontrol or any other way ?


Hi Hootan,

InControl’s Captive Portal doesn’t support Radius authentication at the moment.

An alternative way, you may use Web Portal (AP > Wireless SSID > Select SSID > Web Portal Login) on individual AP with external Splash page server.


Thanks for your reply,

Is there any configuration guide or case study regarding configuring external splash page ?


Hi Hootan,

You need to host a server and develop a Splash page based Knowledgebase here. Fyi, HTML programming is needed since this involves parameters passing between AP and Splash page.