Radio Patterns

Can you provide the radio patterns for the antennas inside AP One AC Mini and AP One Enterprise so we can predict coverage with design tools such as ekahaw? Or can Peplink get in touch directly with ekahau to include these APs inside their catalogs? We also need to know the maximum output power per radio.


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Please find attached, and do let us know if need further assistance.

AP One AC Mini:

AP One Enterprise:

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Thanks! This should be good for now, however I am a bit confused why one pattern is in dBi (gain-isotropic) and the other pattern is in dB (power)… is the enterprise chart based on the maximum output power? the best should be having the maximum output power of the radios and the antenna pattern with dBi reference so we can calculate a link budget while doing wifi planning.


Hello WeiMing,

I do not see the attachments of the radiation patterns (AP One AC Mini & Ap One Enterprise), can you share a link or the files?

Can you include the RP corresponding to AP One Flex?

Thank you in advance.

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You can find the radiation patterns for AP One AC Mini & Ap One Enterprise (and other models) in this article: Radiation Patterns

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Thank you Erik!!!