Rack Mountable Amibility for Balance 20/30


Dear Peplink Development Team :

Please consider to add Rack Mount Bracket to the Balance 20/30 Packaging. or as an optional feature.



Yes, please ; I would like to have a rack mount bracket for Peplink 30.


I Agree. we have also requested this a few months ago.


Have there been any updates to this inquiry? I am going to be purchasing a peplink 20 soon and would like to be able to rack mount it.



If you really need to rack mount a Balance 20/30 you can just use a rack shelf.

The Balance 20/30 is designed for small office/home office environments and the majority of these customers do not have a rack.

Thanks -Tim


still nice to have brackets.


+1. Would love to have rack wings.


Just bought a Balance 20 and see that there are holes on either side that appear to be for rack mount brackets. Wish there were brackets to attach. I’d much prefer to mount this in the server rack that is in my SMALL OFFICE (Tim S.).


Hi all,

Ear Mount for Balance 20/30/50 is available now. You may check this at Peplink Store.


These will be available for order via Amazon Prime soon: