Rack Mountable Amibility for Balance 20/30

Dear Peplink Development Team :

Please consider to add Rack Mount Bracket to the Balance 20/30 Packaging. or as an optional feature.


Yes, please ; I would like to have a rack mount bracket for Peplink 30.

I Agree. we have also requested this a few months ago.

Have there been any updates to this inquiry? I am going to be purchasing a peplink 20 soon and would like to be able to rack mount it.


If you really need to rack mount a Balance 20/30 you can just use a rack shelf.

The Balance 20/30 is designed for small office/home office environments and the majority of these customers do not have a rack.

Thanks -Tim

still nice to have brackets.

+1. Would love to have rack wings.

Just bought a Balance 20 and see that there are holes on either side that appear to be for rack mount brackets. Wish there were brackets to attach. Iā€™d much prefer to mount this in the server rack that is in my SMALL OFFICE (Tim S.).

Hi all,

Ear Mount for Balance 20/30/50 is available now. You may check this at Peplink Store.

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These will be available for order via Amazon Prime soon:

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I know this post is quite old but does these kit are available on peplink store ? have you got a reference ?


its available on amazon, click the link above