Quota-limitations per client

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to limit the amount of data transferred per client. E.g. set the limit to 100Mb up to 1Gb of data per day per specific client.
This way we want to protect our data from being transferred by anyone who wants to “steal” the company-data.

Is there a way or will there be a way to set this limitation?

Kind regards,

Dennis Linnert
Tritel BV

Thanks for the feature request Dennis. This is not possible right now, but maybe down the road.

Dennis’ request will come in very handy, especially when combining it with the guest portal of the AP1. Most of the times it is irrelevant how long a guest is in a building (as currently the case with guest limits), but it is important to keep guests from downloading gigs of data while they are there.

very good feature request. I agree with you. some other competitors have developed this feature on their home or small office load balancer devices. we are realy looking forward to see this feature on all Peplink models. we can see this feature on high end Peplink series but in my opinion this feature should not be existed on higher models like 380/580/710 because companies who are buying these expensive models have already some kind of firewall / proxy server / UTM behind Peplink to support a full feature bandwidth control and traffic quota for their organization. we all know that although balance 380/580/710 has bandwidth controller but it’s not a complete and useful feature for enterprise and large companies. for example companies need traffic quota for their users, they need time-based Internet access. they need more control over upload / download and maximum sessions for their users which Peplink doesn’t support ! we had so many projects for medium - large companies and they preferred to use another bandwidth control solution for their organization rather than Peplink , for example using bandwidth splitter on their proxy server or Surfcop !
in my opinion bandwidth control should really exist on small models of Peplink like 20/30/210/310 because small companies cannot afford buying another complete bandwidth control solution and they really enjoy using Peplink for doing this although with some limitation. so many times I requested this feature from Peplink technical and management team !:frowning:

We should have some good news for you guys. Our engineers are discussing on the implementation details. Stay tuned.

Thank you very much for the excellent news!

Thanks Alex , good luck on that :slight_smile:

I just want to chime in that my company would like to see this feature also. I can’t justify the price of the Max 700 and Max HD2 and don’t need all those features. I’m trying to provide wifi on shuttle vans and we have several of them to equip. I don’t want one passenger maxing out our data limits for the month so I’d love to see a way to put a daily down/up quota per mac address. We could also work with bandwidth throttling per connection, but that would be less appealing. Anyhow if just a software upgrade to the Max BR1 could do it, we would take about 6 units to start with if it happened in the next couple months.


Good news, Dave. Although bandwidth quota per client is a work in progress. Bandwidth allowance monitor is supported, today. You can see how it works here. This should help you stay within your monthly data allowance.

I was thinking if one 4G LTE / 3G be enough for the whole shuttle… What if we can provide multiple USB interfaces for a mix of 4G LTE / 3G services if you are willing to trade off the one embedded modem and the metallic enclosure for a rugged plastic housing?

Hello, good to hear that it’s a work in progress. Can you tell me an approximate ETA? Can you say if it will it just be a firmware update so that a model purchased now would be upgradable? Your currently existing bandwidth tools are ok, but I would much rather punish the data hog by cutting off their connection for the day than have the whole service shut down for everyone riding for the last week of the month or whatever.

Regarding your question - I think what you are suggesting would only be helpful if we need more bandwidth. I don’t anticipate a problem as our vehicles are smaller and I think having 5 or 6 devices (cell phones / laptops) connected at the same time would be an unusual situation. More typically 2 or 3 people web surfing on a phone or laptop would be what I expect.

Yes, Dave. We are looking at the best way to implement this feature. Should have news in days. Please stay with us for a bit.

Can’t wait for that :rolleyes: