Quick questions

Hello fellow peplinkers,

I am a new owner of a Peplink Balance 30 for our small office and I have a few questions from more experienced users.
Our small office have 13 computers used mainly for accessing e mail, some web portals , web browsing, dropbox, internet radio station streaming for location speakers and stream security footage from 2 offsite security DVR’s.

The office has 2 DSL lines 25down / 10 up, my question is will Peplink Balance 30 be able to handle the traffic for the 13 computers?

We have a small cabinet enclosure for the switch and a smal 1U server , I tought that the Peplink box will be a bit larger and I will be able to mount it in the rack cabinet, I see that the Peplink 30 has on both sides holes to mount the ears for rack mounting but they were not included.
Is there a place to buy the rackmount ears ? does Peplink sell those?
Thank you all for the future answers.

It sounds like the Balance 30 will work perfectly in your environment.

The holes you see on the sides of the enclosure are for flush-mount brackets. There is no rack-mount kit available for the Balance 20/30, you would need to use a rack-mount shelf instead.

Thanks -Tim

Thank you for your reply, I will still try to find some universal oversize rackmount ears.
Now one more question does Balance 30 support firmware 6 or not?

Peplink Balance 30 supports firmware 6.1. You can check the details here

I agree that rackmount ears for the Balance 20/30 would be very useful.