Quick question re: bandwidth

Quick question: If I want to send a 10 Mbit video stream from MaxHD4 to our video provider (through FusionHub), does it count as 10 Mbit out of the 25Mbit license, or is it 10 Mbit to FusionHub + 10 Mbit out to video provider, for a total of 20?


Your 25 Mbps licence is regarding throughput of the FusionHub instance.
25 Mbps in and 25 Mbps out (at the same time) is 25 Mbps throughput
Hope this helps!

OK, just wasn’t sure. My reseller said it’s cumulative. In other words, he said the 10 Mbit into FusionHub and then 10 Mbit from there out to Livestream would be 20 Mbit total. I have 25 Mbit license, was thinking about moving to 50. But I believe it is as you describe, 25 is sufficient for my use.


Quick update on the FusionHub license. For a 25Mbps FH license, the 25Mbps is actually referring to outbound only.
In your case you can stream high quality videos back to your video provider through FusionHub.
The 25Mbps kicks in when it goes out from FusionHub to Livestream.