Quick question about multiple routers sharing the same SSID and Password

Hello all,

I am needing to know if it is possible to have several routers on one site that would share the same SSID and Password. Or, if there is an easier way to do this through either IC2 or locally.

I am looking at setting up 18 BR1 Pro 5G’s.

This is absolutely possible, although a client device moving between the routers will be disconnected each time the client device connects to a different router.
The best way to do this is through InControl2. You can use the group level AP SSID settings to set up the same SSID and password on each device. This way you can make changes in one place and the changes get pushed to all the devices following that profile. If you have other devices in that group that you want to have different SSID settings you can use tags to apply the AP profile to only particular devices as well.