Questions about PepVPN ( No Speedfusion ) Sub-Tunnels?

Peplink Balance one
Peplink Balance one core

Hello everyone,
I have couple of questions regarding sub tunnels when used with PepVPN (no SF).
1st question is does the PepVPN sub tunnel uses the same TCP handshake port? and if not where can I configure it?
2nd question is do sub tunnels work if the balance device ( the two mentioned above ) doesn’t have SF license?

my final scenario is to have the ability to have my VOIP and management traffic on a different WAN than the one used for everything else.
I thought about creating sub tunnel for this requirement and set bandwidth limit on as needed on each tunnel. or maybe through using Qos with bandwidth limitation and prioritization.
thanks in advanced


  1. yes same. Main tunnel builds, sub tunnels build after. sub tunnels consume additional data ports.
  2. yes.
    Sub tunnels for voip and real time services is a primary use case.
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Hello Martin and thank you for taking the time to give me the answers , as always you’re the first to answer my questions.
I have more confidence now to test it for our client and I’ll reply as soon as I try it.