Questionnaire from ISP about QoS

We are having latency issues with our microwave ISP for internet. Suddenly it has jumped to ~60 average ms. When we first installed it was average ~14ms. They want to turn on QoS, but before they do, they sent us a questionnaire that has this text and I am not sure what to enter for this field. Can anyone offer some insight?


For DSCP and TOS implementation, you are responsible for ensuring that your applications, servers and routers
are set to the correct DSCP/TOS values. Our Skyriver team will not modify DSCP/TOS values set by you. If you
send packets with dif-serv code point markings that are not identified in this section, they will be treated as
best effort. TOS/DSCP flags are required for VoIP packets to be prioritized.

DSCP/TOS bit values_______________________________________

I have two microwave connections. The latency is usually determined by the time-slicing that they have implemented on the receiver you are talking to. One of my connections has standard gear that gets me about 30 ms ping response. The other is a higher end transmitter and can get 12 ms ping response. I have direct line of sight to the tower. The higher end gear has a time slice of 2.5ms where the standard gear is set at 5ms. You may want to ask if they have an upgraded dish for you.

If it happened all of a sudden, I would be willing to bet that the dish moved or there is some new interference.

Network utilization is also a factor (unless you have a dedicated spectrum). If you are talking to a point to multipoint device, you will see higher latency during the day. Have you done any testing in the middle of the night? What other gear do you have in your network? Could any of those devices be causing the latency? I had a switch start acting up and it would add about 20ms to the gateway router. Rebooted it and got the appropriate speed.

As far as the values used for voip, I imagine that your phone manuals would have more details. Pretty sure the router is just going to pass it along. You may want to check the documentation for your phone system.

Hope this helps.

That is what I was trying to get to across to SkyRiver, but they insist if we have QoS on and they do not, it will cause these latency issues. They also report the “equipment is working fine and looks 100%”. I can confirm we are not dropping packets, but the latency issues make it hard for the sales guys on their phone calls. The form has to be filled out before they will send a field guy to check the antenna.

not quite middle of night, but 10pm and 6 am we have same behavior. Pretty consistent through the day.

Any information from the phone manuals?