Currently our customer is planning to use Peplink balance router in vessel which has multiple cellular connection/modems, and not sure yet if we choose Peplink modems for that use.
Can we use incontrol2 tool to router remotely if we choose other supplier modems than Peplink ? Thinking that e.g. then speedfusion link creation is easier.

Thank you in advance!

Hi priitsmn,

Please clarify if I am misunderstanding the question. The InControl2 interface will allow you to connect to and manage Peplink devices associated with the InControl2 account. The “modem” utilized does not impact this functionality, however, you will not be able to remotely access, or control, devices other than Peplink products with the InControl2 interface. As long as the device you are trying to access with InControl2 is a Peplink device with the associated InControl2 account, and is connected to the internet, you can access it.

I hope this helps.