Question regarding Surf SOHO MK3 using USB 4G LTE

I’m looking to add a USB 4G LTE modem to my Surf SOHO MK3 to use it as my cellular WAN connection. As I’m reading the various plans offered (I’ll be using Verizon) they differentiate between “hotspot” max bandwidth and “unlimited 4G LTE” . In Verizon’s case, they offer 30 GB 4G LTE if the device is used as a hotspot, and Unlimited 4G LTE (+75 GB Premium) if it’s not a hotspot (i.e. tablet, not tethering).

When using a Verizon compatible 4G LTE USB stick/modem in my Surf, would that make the Surf be considered as a single device (one MAC address), or will it be recognized as a hotspot due to the USB modem being connected to the Surf?

Hello and Good Day tcpip95

I have the AC791L from Netgear from Verizon tethered to a Surf soho MK3.
The Soho is not listed as a device on the AC791L. I only use the AC791L as a WAN to the Soho via the usb.

Hi Ballistic,
On your Verizon plan, is all your traffic considered as “tethered/hotspot” traffic? What plan do you have? Thanks!

We have two phones and one hotspot. They are all separate, but on the same contract.
Each phone has 20 GB of data, and the hotspot has 15GB.
Just keep in mind that no matter the plan and even though the word unlimited is involved, if you go over the data limit you will be throttled back.
The download and upload speeds will be drastically reduced if you go over the data limit.