Question regarding placement in network

I have a Peplink 380 that ive been testing. Currently I have two additional boxes ( intrusion detection) between my firewall and the outside. My boss suggested that I install the Peplink, in dropin mode, between the LAN and the Firewall on the inside ( before the firewall).

So I have tested this putting the Peplink in Dropin mode. However after about an hour and a half… all havoc is let loose on my LAN. Servers start going off line, etc.

I have not been able to find anything or even any mention of putting the Peplink in this type of arrangement, so I assume it is not recommended.

Yesterday when my network started dropping, I did NOT have any rules configured in the Peplink nor was DHCP configured… so im wondering if possibly I have a bad box… or is this behavior typical?

does anyone else have thier peplink installed before the firewall in dropin mode? It seems to me this gives you a lot more flexability with IP adddress especially if you are running N to 1 NAT.


Drop-in mode is a simple way to deploy the Peplink without having to make changes to your existing network. Even your firewall’s default gateway does not have to change since the Balance will act as a bridge for the drop-in mode WAN. The firewall will have to be on the inside for this deployment to work.

Additional public IP addresses can remain on the firewall’s outside interface for the drop-in mode WAN. The secondary WAN links can either port forward to your firewall or you can do 1-1 NATs with additional public IP addresses.

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