Question on router access by IP from isolated VLAN

Surf SOHO with two SSIDs. One SSID is part of main/default network and the other SSID is isolated. The isolated SSID has its own VLAN, its own subnet, inter-VLAN routing is disabled and Layer 2 isolation is turned on.

From the isolated SSID should I be able to access the router by IP address?

That is, should a web browser on the isolated SSID pointed to
fail to load any page or should it see the login page and be able to logon?

In this example is the IP address of the router as seen from the isolated SSID and 999 is the alternate port number used for HTTPS

I ask because I have seen it both ways and have not kept good records of the firmware/client OS combinations where IP access to the router worked and where it did not. Pretty sure it failed with firmware 6.2.x but on firmware 6.3.x I have seen it both work and fail.

From a security standpoint, I would rather have it fail.

You can restrict web admin access to a management VLAN once the SOHO is configured for VLANs.

Wow, that’s great! Thank you.