Question on newer 3G/4G modems

I am looking into connecting a 3G/4G/LTE modem to the USB port on my Balance 20.

In the old days, these modems looked like a USB flash/thumb drive. They did not have batteries, WiFi or LCD screens. Now, that has changed - it seems that all the current 3G/4G modems do have these things. The ones I have run across in my research also use their USB connection to charge the battery, and thus my question.

When one of these newer form factor modems is connected to the Balance 20 it is either running off its internal battery or getting power from the USB port. An AT&T salesperson said one of their modems could be fully powered from the USB port.

Do you know if this is true? Can any of these larger newer modems be powered by the USB port on the Balance 20?

I checked the manual for the Balance 20 and this was not mentioned. I also checked a few of the supported modems on your published list but they all seemed to be older type without WiFi, a battery or an LCD screen.

Thank you.

Hi Michael,

Balance router do provides power on USB port to power on/charge USB device.

I am aware that the USB provides power. My question was whether this power is sufficient to run any of the newer larger 3g/4g modems. These newer modems not only have 3g/4g radios, but also do WiFi (which may or may not be disabled), have an LCD screen, have internal batteries and may have internal websites for administration. I don’t expect one answer that covers all modems, just curious if you have tested any of them in their USB tethering mode connected to a Balance router. Thank you.

Hi Michael,

I can personally attest to both the AT&T Beam modem LCD as well as the Unite work directly off the USB in both the MAX and the Balance.

They can be powered through the USB port, but the device is continually charging and destroys the life of the battery. I would imagine that your device is on a UPS, so this shouldn’t be an issue.