Question on L2TP connection method

It seems like L2TP is a new type of Ethernet WAN connection method. In the Max and Surf User Manual its in Section 10.1.4 L2TP Connection on page 61. All references in the manual refer to an ISP. Is this standard L2TP client software that can be used to connect to any number of VPN providers?

Since it is a client VPN it can be initiated from almost all Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices to any specified LT2P Server such as our devices. Essentially a more secure version of PPTP.

Hi Michael,

L2TP with IPSEC is supported for almost all the operating system in market. You can refer to the URL link below for the sample setup for the L2TP client.

Thank You

The question was whether the Peplink router includes L2TP/IPSec client software. If it does, then can it be used to connect to any VPN provider that supports L2TP/IPSec?

The idea is to avoid using VPN client software on every device. And, to add VPN to devices like a Roku box that can’t do it themselves.

I ask because every reference in the manual is to an ISP rather than to a VPN provider.

Hi Michael,

The L2TP for Ethernet WAN was designed specifically to connect ISP that supports L2TP connection.

Please refer here for more details. Sorry for the confusing.

Hi ! I am searching for that right now. Some of our customers are looking for this solution, their Peplink router connecting to these VPN service providers. Any solution that you´ve seen ?


We do support L2TP connection to Internet Service Provider on ethernet WAN. Does this meet your requirement?

I learned something. Had never heard of an ISP requiring L2TP for connecting.
I will take a Surf SOHO and connect it to a LAN port of another Surf SOHO and try to connect to a VPN provider from the inner/second router.
Will report back…