Question on config backup/restore for Surf SOHO

I am planning on publishing a sample/starter config for the Surf SOHO

But, I have 2 questions:

  1. The sample was created on a 2nd gen HW2 model with only one radio. Might this cause a problem if the config is
    uploaded to a 3rd gen MK3 model with two radios?

  2. The sample was created with firmware 8.1.3. Can this be safely uploaded if the router is running an older edition of firmware 8?

Thanks in advance.

SOHO Hw2 and SOHO MK3 are different platforms. So, the configuration file from SOHO HW2 can’t upload to MK3.

It is recommended to upload the configuration into the device with same or higher firmware version. Normally, the new features in the new firmware are not available in the old firmware.

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Thank you TK.
I should have asked before wasting my time.