Question for speed fusion / bonding and hot failover


I’ve setup “SpeedFusion Cloud” on my Max Br1 router. I’ve set my work laptop to go through my “Hot failover” connection. I also want my Zoom and Teams meetings to go through a bonded connection. It doesn’t appear I can make my laptop do both. It can only be one or the other. I do not want any of the other devices on my network to use the hot failover.

Here are my settings:

Zoom and Teams on my work laptop go over the hotfailover. I am hoping there’s a way to make it go over the bond connection instead.

Any way to do this?

Thank you,

You should be able to override the behavior using an outbound policy.
Something like this:

Does this look right?

Work Laptop (the 3rd one) is the bonded verizon lte and starlink.

The two above it are to send the updates and streaming through just starlink (not the bonded).

I think you have to put it under the grey bar ,so that it it’s original destination was a speed fusion cloud it would override it.
I’d also make sure your devices don’t use random mac addresses as that can cause your rules not to work.
You can look at the active sessions to see where things go by doing new connections.

Thank you, Jonathan. I’ve made some changes. We’ll see the below rules work today.