Question about the HD4 MAX 4G modems

To anyone with knowledge of the PepLink HD4 MAX.
I am told that the HD4 MAX has cellular modems with 2 MAIN ports instead of the usual MAIN and AUX ports. I can hardly believe this. I know quite a lot about cellular modem manufacturers and any 4G/LTE modem I have seen has ALWAYS a MAIN and an AUX port.
Does Peplink have their modems (Sierra Wireless?) being specifically manufactured with 2 MAIN ports? And if so, what would be the distinct advantage to have it this way?
I am serious and would like to know an answer quite soon because of a project I am involved in.

Not following you. Right on the product page it shows a main and aux/diversity antenna port for each modem (x4):

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The MAX HD4 LTE up to CAT12 has a MAIN and AUX connection per modem. Historically, the MAIN was used for transmit and receive and the AUX for receive only.

All Peplink routers that have modems in that are CAT18 and above have 4 antenna connections per modem. These are labelled differently, but typically two connections are for TX/RX and the other two are for RX only (so effectively 2 MAIN and 2 AUX per modem).