Question about Speedfusion


I am interested to buy some Peplink Blance gateway for my company. I am interested particularly in the Speedfusion function. What I would like to know whether Speedfusion is for point-to-point connection only? In another word, when you enable Speedfusion, are you still able to get on the Internet?

Thanks for the help in advance

Hi Albertserene,

Speedfusion generally connects from a device via multiple channels to a hub that is preferrably in a datacenter and forwards the traffic to the internet. With Peplink You can also establish a point to point connection and send the internet traffic directly to internet not using the speed fusion tunnel.



In addition to Christians Answer.

Speedfusion is a point to point VPN technology (requiring at least two virtual/hardware devices) that creates a bonded VPN using multiple WANs (at both ends or just one).

The internet traffic at either location can be routed in any direction you want, but ultimately internet access can:

  • be load balanced directly to the internet using multiple WANs (so not using speedfusion)
  • sent over the speedfusion tunnel to the remote device to access the internet using the remote devices’ internet connectivity.