Question about separating Surf SOHO antennas from the router

My Surf SOHO is right next to an appliance that blocks the WiFi signal in one direction. To get around this, I would like to move the antennas up a foot or two without moving the router. Thus, I need an extension cord (so to speak) for the antennas. Two questions about this:

  1. Are the cables needed for connecting the antennas to the router readily available?

  2. This is a version 2 model with two antennas. Do I need to raise both of them higher than the appliance, or can I get away with only raising one?

Thank you.

You may source the cable from outside. Please take note, we need RP-SMA Female to RP-SMA Male cable.

Just to confirm, do you have bad Wifi coverage at your side? Enable “Boost” will help? If antenna extension is needed, please extend both antennas higher than the appliance.

Thanks for the details on the cable.

The WiFi coverage is OK, with the exception of a device that needs the signal to pass through the one large appliance. Thus, I’m looking to raise the antennas above the appliance without moving the router itself. I forgot about “boost”, will give it a try…