Question about router throughput

Hi everyone,

Quick question, when a Balance device shows throughput, is that total router throughput or just VPN?

I have a 500/20 cable connection so bought the Balance 20 and 30 to test them. I noticed on the 20 my speed tests would never go above 147Mbps or so. I noticed it says 150Mbps throughput so I assumed it only supports 150Mbps?

However the Balance 30 says 200Mbps, but when I do speed tests on it they are always around 467Mbps.

So just confused why one seems to stick to the limit when the other doesn’t. Wanted to make sure I’m understanding what that means exactly. Thanks!


I am assuming you have the hw3 Balance 30 with LTE and I have a feeling that the website hasn’t been updated with the latest performance info for that device.


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Yeah that’s the one I have, but I returned it already as I assumed 200Mbps was the max since that’s what the website says. I figured something wasn’t working properly if it kept giving me 300-470. It still seemed off as using my old Google Wifi only I’d always get 510 or so.

The Balance One Core (no WiFi) or Balance One (with WiFi) would be suitable.
The Balance One supports 600 Mbps throughput and has an USB WAN port if you want to use a 4G/3G backup.

Please find all Balance routers in a comparison matrix here:
Routing throughput and VPN throughput are stated seperately.

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Thanks yeah I’m going to get the Balance One, but that’s the link I was already on. It says the Balance 30 LTE is 200Mbps, so still confused why I’m getting 460? The other person above mentioned the website hasn’t been updated but didn’t mention what the correct speed should be.