Question about pseudo "bonding" 2x ADSL 10/1mbps services *in same subnet*

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I’m about to purchase a Balance 30 to replace a TP-Link TL-R470T+ (what a terrifyingly awful piece of technology, by the way) that’s currently being used because it’s the only “load balancing” gateway device I could find that was so poorly designed that it allows multiple WAN connections to be in the same subnet. I installed a Cisco router (a real one running IOS believe it or not) which, rightfully, would not allow such a configuration. The client is out in the middle of nowhere with only 10/1mbps ADSL available. Luckily, they have at least two separate twisted pairs supporting 10/1 so I was able to get the R470T+ to actually support this config, unlike the Cisco router. Telco supplied modems are set to transparent bridge mode of course (to avoid double-NAT problems). Telco is also absolutely zero help in working with me to set up a proper bonded connection, and also maintains that since both connections are geographically in the same area, they’ll be in the same subnet. No way around it. The other problem I’m having is that the R470T+ doesn’t allow port forwarding (for remote administration and remote access etc) due to a bug in the TP-Link software.

I want to install the Balance 30 in place of the TP-Link and want to see if anyone can tell me if I should expect it to support load-balancing multiple WANs that are in the same subnet. I know this is not technically what a router does - I’m needing to do something that should never need to be done this way, but ornery old Telco has left me with no choice.

Any insight as to whether a more reliable Peplink Balance 30 would work for my uses would be greatly appreciated.




B30 should support the the mention configuration “Internet Load-balancing for multiple WANs that are in the same subnet”.

Regarding to the inbound traffic “port forwarding”, possible to let us know whether the WANs IP is running Public IP address or a Private IP address ?

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Thanks sitloongs for your reply.

In the current config, the two ADSL modems are set to transparent bridging and as a result, the Balance 30 would see the two public IP addresses. They’re obviously in the same subnet - that was my original concern since many true routers like the Cisco hardware I’m familiar with simply aren’t designed for that, i.e. “routing” between two interfaces who’s IPs are in the same subnet is simply not expected or normally necessary. If the Balance 30 can do this I’ll be a happy customer for sure! I did just order it so I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks again!


WAN links can be part of the same subnet and even have the same gateway to allow for proper routing, this should hold true on most routers.
Only the LAN needs to be on a unique subnet from the WANs.

A Peplink Balance router will do the trick for you.
We have run Balance routers in test situation where all WAN ports where connected to the same routers LAN. Each WAN has a different IP address but are running on the same subnet - no problems