Question about Peplink Balance 50

I’m planning to use 5 wan cables from ADSL modems into Peplink Balance 50. Is it possible to run to have OpenVPN works fine which is gonna be activated from Asus Router and taking advantage from the faster bandwidth speed?

If you want to bond the bandwidth from all 5 connections then you will want to use our SpeedFusion VPN instead. Along with increased bandwidth you will also create an “Unbreakable VPN”. You can read more about it on our website:

what model supports SpeedFusion + 4-5 wan? Also, is it compatible to work with 220v - 240v outlet?

You would want the Balance 580 with 5 WAN ports and you will also need another SpeedFusion enabled device on the other side of the VPN tunnel.

the lines I’m going to connect are different and separated but from the same ISP. Will this work to have 1 bonded connection? Also, why should I have one device for VPN? Can’t I just use 580 with SpeedFusion and connect to OpenVPN?



SpeedFusion works in pair. Thus you need 1 device at each location.
You only can achieve Link Load Balacing if using 1 device.