Question About IP Setting For Pepwave AP One AC Mini


On the Network tab of the web interface there is a check box for “Keep Default IP”. I believe the default IP is set to

Immediately below that you can set the IP address manually and it is not grayed out when the check box is checked. Isn’t this a mistake? Why should you be able to manually change the access point IP address when that check box is active? Or perhaps I don’t understand the meaning of the check box? Thanks.



Check box for “Keep Default IP” is to remain the management IP address still accessible using It also can be enable when you have manually set the management IP.
It is very useful in the case when you forgotten the management IP, you still can access the AP using the default IP by direct connect your laptop to the AP.

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So to clarify, I can assign the AP a new IP such as while the check box is checked? And then to access the AP while on my network I would use But if I plugged directly into the ethernet port while it’s removed from my network I would use Is this correct?

Also, does having that check box checked then interfere with another non AP device on the network with the IP I don’t understand how the AP can use two IP addresses at once.



This is depend the situation when you can to turn on the feature “Keep Default IP” .

If the LAN network is same network with the “AP Default IP”, you should not turn on the feature as the IP address will conflicting the LAN network IP address.

The “Keep Default IP” is same as a network interface is running 2 IP addresses using different network segment for management purposes. The default IP addresses only can be accessible using network IP.

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Admin IP Default IP