Question about features on Surf SOHO router

I am looking for a wired router with schedule-based access control with MAC and port specification.

Specifically, I want to block specific ports used by gaming sites for specific local users at certain times of the day.

Can the Surf SOHO router do this?

Hi Julian,

The Surf SOHO should fits to your requirement, assuming the environment is Home or Small Office setup with up to 25 users.

Two steps needed to achieve this functionality:

  1. Define the schedule.

  1. Create the Outbound Firewall rule(s) with the schedule defined above. You may need to create multiple rules depends on your blocking criteria.

a. Select the Protocol

b. Input the Gaming machine MAC Address

Hope this helps, or you can refer to the firmware 6.3.1 user manual for more details.

Thanks and regards.

Thank you for the detailed, illustrated answer WeiMing. This is exactly what I needed to know. Based on this information and a very positive assessment of the router from Michael Horowitz at I will be purchasing one of these devices.

Edit: done.

Forgive the bandwidth and fan-boy talk, but…
Unit received, installed, and functioning perfectly. Configuration was a breeze: I did it a 2AM last night after a full day’s work and a 6 hour ride home on a motorcycle, underscoring how intuitive the web interface is. In particular I’m impressed that I don’t have to reboot the thing for the smallest configuration change. The status and bandwidth pages tell me all the admin info I need clearly and concisely. I’m really impressed with this device already after only 13 hours of up-time.

Awesome, thanks for sharing your experience :up: We appreciate your business!


Thank you for the kind words and updates after setup. As always, should you have any additional questions/inquiries don’t hesitate to ask.

The capability described above and from which the screenshot was taken) was not loaded into the unit I purchased. My unit has 6.2.1 - build 1757 installed. I have tried to download and install the latest version - v6.3 - build 1967. It installs, and the configuration looks good. I rebooted the unit and it comes up and runs, but I can’t connect to the Internet. I uploaded my saved configuration for good measure, but the unit still will not allow me to connect out to the Internet in any way. There seems to be network activity on my machine per the connection status dialog, but I can’t get out.

I have had to reboot with 6.2.1 in order to get connected again (obviously successfully).

Any thoughts? Did I miss a step?

Please open a support ticket so we can investigate further:

Done, Tim, thanks.
Did you need the diagnostic report?

Sure, it never hurts. The support team will follow up with you via the ticket. Thanks.

I found online that there is actually a version 6.3.1 available (the device only identified 6.3.0 available). I have installed that, and the device is working. I have invited the support team to close the ticket.

Thanks for update. :up: