QoS User groups order of priority (I promise I won't mention adding more than three user groups.....)

Good Evening All

Just creating some user groups for a client and found that the oder of priority does not work as expected. I’m sure it used to be different!

Subnets are top of the list with individual devices lower down in the list.
Shouldn’t it be individual devices first followed by subnet?

Say for example you have two subnets, One is guests and the other is staff.
You want the devices on the guest network unlimited and staff network limited.
You also want certain devices unlimited regardless of which network they are connected to e.g. the big bosses devices and also the ability to limit staff devices even if they connect to the guest network.

Could we please be given the option to either manually arrange these rules or auto arrange them in a more logical manor e.g. individual devices at the top of the list.

Thank You

This is definitely not what is displayed

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This is a web UI bug. We have filed it.

Thanks for reporting this.

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@TK_Liew do this mean that the rules would be followed as expected rather than how they are displayed?

The rules should be sorted according to the help text.

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