QOS - Upstream limits - Balance 20


We have had a Balance 20 for a while, and I have had to actually dedicate one of our 2 connections to our VoIP phones to maintain a jitter free connection for them. When other traffic is on the same connection, the upstream direction is allowed to be used to the max, which quickly degrades our service(we use DSL and a wireless connection - both quickly collapse when the upstream is congested).

I have VoIP services as the only High priority service int he qos, with all others set to Low. I have set the bandwidth for both connection to ~80% of maximum to allow for a bit of a buffer before overloading them, but testing reveals that the Peplink will not limit the bandwidth used to what is set. I did notice that the comment on these bandwidth settings say that they are used for load balancing, and do not mention QOS.

So, my request is that the max bandwidth values be properly used in the QOS system. QOS cannot be truly effective if the connection is maxed out, which is why good QOS implementations (like on tomato) always have limits built in to avoid saturating the upstream pipe. While I believe that our VoIP traffic is getting priority over other traffic, everything starts to drop when we hit 100% utilization.

Just to test, I set the max upstream on our 10mbit\10mbit connection to 1mbit and ran a speed test. Upstream still tested at 9.86mbit. I would also like to recommend Peplink to our VoIP customers, but at this point can only suggest it if the customer is willing to get a second dedicated connection.

Thanks in advance for any help on this everyone!


Hi Bryan,

Upload and Download bandwidth in WAN interfaces will affect Qos calculation. Please ensure you set the correct figures and test again. You may get this from your ISP.

Upload bandwidth you set in WAN interface will affect upload performance. Please find the attached for my testing.

Thank you for the reply. I have had these values set(tried both 10 Mbps and 10240 Kbps formats), as well as setting it much lower than the available bandwidth to account for drops in our maximum speed. One thing I forgot to do was re-test after getting the latest firmware update! It looks like 6.1.2 build 2717 does work well limiting upstream, as long as it is set a good ~10% lower than your maximum tested speed. Downstream still appears to be allowed at full speed, but that kind of out of the control of the Peplink.

Test results - True maximum tested speed is about 9.5 Mbps, showing a stable limit at 5 Mbps.

Hi Bryan,

That is normal. The download bandwidth you set in WAN interface will not affect the download speed.

Again, make sure you set the exact figure in WAN interface. Qos will works correctly with this condition.