QoS Trigger from Bandwidth Monitor on BR1 Mini


We have a potential 500+ piece opportunity and the customer in question would like to have the ability to have a data usage threshold trigger their QoS settings to throttle traffic on the cellular interface. The BR1 Mini is currently acting as a failover option for a firewall and it only there as a gateway. The customer has a 10 GB threshold set for alerts currently and would like to force traffic down to 5 Mbps Up/Down after that threshold is reached but cannot have the unit cut off data services altogether.


Any special reason why you need to force traffic down to 5Mbps after the threshold ?

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5 Mbps was a rather arbitrary selection to define the solution, but the idea is that when the device hits the data threshold they would like to reduce data traffic to limit overages but cannot eliminate network access entirely. The location will still require internet access, but if they limit speeds it should alleviate non-essential traffic from the network.