Qos status on Status//Active Sessions list

Good day:

I have a customer that have voip issues and ask me about qos over voip.

I went to Qos settings and activated voip rules

but it didnt worked

So I decided to use wan smoothing and all the tricks that I knew and nothing. I opened a ticket 760298 and waited for a solution.

While waiting (Im still waiting for an answer), I made some test and find out that maybe not all traffic is being tagged as QoS

UDP VPN 00:00:01
UDP SIP VPN 00:00:02
UDP VPN 00:00:01
UDP VPN 00:00:02
UDP SIP VPN 00:00:12 is the phone and is the pbx.

So In order to see if peplik is correct tagging connections I tought on a solution.

Why not label what is the qos status on status// active session list?

Something like this:

So, what do u think?

Hi AG,

Regarding to your support ticket, we will further investigate from the devices.

For the requested feature, we will look into the feasibility.

Thank You