QoS settings for OOMA telo

I’m was searching for something specific to configure my Balance 580 (6.3.3) for an ooma telo.

I haven’t messed with QoS much at all, but went through all the setting on the Balance and they make sense. The manual is helpful, but does not get into “strategy”.

But here’s where I could benefit from someone elses experience. It seems a straightforward method to skip knowing/guessing all the ports a telo uses, and even skip setting up User Groups (not that I wish to) is to simply create an Application rule for ALL SUPPORTED VoIP PROTOCOLS and set the priority to HIGH.

Is it that easy? I’m not looking to prioritize any other traffic except to give telephone calls over an ooma telo top priority.

Thank you

You need to define the application QOS base on the OOMA Telo application ports.

For more information:

The default application VoIP category only include IAX, MGCP and Skype. If “ALL SUPPORTED VoIP PROTOCOLS” is chosen it will only include the mention application.

  1. So like attached screenshot? Must define each port or range individually?

  2. Can I stick with "apply same settings to all ‘users’ "? This will simply give high priority to any ooma telo on the network I presume?

  3. I had added the IP of the telo to the MANAGER group. That seems unneeded though if applying same settings to all users is adequate. Correct?

  4. So, no reason to enable Group Bandwidth Reservation for the sake of giving the telo priority, again, if leaving same setting to all is the proper choice?

What’s this? Only one reply per issue? Would appreciate verification of my above conjecture.

thank you!

Not all ports are use for the VOIP call. You may need to get advice from OOMA Telo support to set only VOIP ports

Application QOS take effect base on the defined service ports for all application using the service ports.

This is not related to the application QOS. Application QOS is base on the service ports instead.

Application QOS and Bandwidth reservation are two different features.

  • Bandwidth reservation is reserving the available bandwidth when bandwidth is congested
  • Application QOS is settings the service port to have high priority to send first.

Thank you.