QOS not working?

I am managing a WiFi network in a coffeeshop and am batteling with guests who are transferring huge ammoung of data.
I have limites the bandwith for “Guests” to 500kbs but when I look at the client list they still go way over the limit.
What am I missing here?

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Do you have a speedtest results that can share for the WIFI client device ?

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No I am not on-site. But the clients show speeds above the set maximum speed.

We have similar issue reported when guest network is assigned in access VLAN port that may cause the QOS malfunction. Can you please confirm your setup ?

Balance (VLAN - Port access) <---- Guest network

If the setup is the same, mostly this will be the same as issue reported. This had been fixed in firmware 7.1.0.

Firmware 7.1.0 Beta firmware is released, would you please give a try for the firmware ?

If you still having problem, please open a support ticket here for support team to check ?

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Alll reserved DHCP assigned addresses are reserved for the managers.
The others are for the guest. The QOS for the guest is set to 500KBS.

Should I do this differently?

Would you please upgrade to beta firmware to isolate the issue ? This is nothing related to configuration.

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Thanks for the advice, I will try it on my own network.
Unfortunately I can’t risk it on my clients network who is 500 miles from here…

When I follow this link I and agree to the terms I can only see firmware 7.0.2 witch I already have on my Balance One Core. Where can I download the 7.1 Beta?

Hmmm … I just found that the 7.1.0 beta firmware link is not ready yet, would you open a support here for us to confirm from the device ?

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I just send the email requestiing the Beta 7.1