QoS Individual Bandwidth Limit doesn't work

The special one you shared above.

@TK_Liew any thoughts on the above issue? Also, can this feature be included in 8.1.1 please? Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


definitely still having issue with bandwidth limit upload speed exceeding what is set by policy.

currently have one device set to 1mbps max bandwidth but its able to upload at over 10mbps bringing the network to a halt due to bandwidth limitations

i have filed ticket # 20090439

thank you

@mystery, I will follow up with you in the ticket.

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I’d love to test this out as well

Its been working very well. There was one small glitch where devices being routed over the tunnel required me to set a “upload / download” value on the PepVPN tunnel in order for the Individual bandwidth limit to take effect on the upload side since the traffic direction is from LAN to PepVPN tunnel. My devices that were not touching the tunnel worked without issue before tweaking that setting.

@TK_Liew I’d like to update to 8.1.2 but noticed this feature still has not made it into the official release. Can you please create another special firmware for me using the latest 8.1.2 that re-enables the functionality? Thank you!

@TK_Liew please let me know, thanks!

@mystery, we are working on the special firmware based on 8.1.2. I will let you know once the firmware is ready.

Update: Here you go for the firmware - https://download.peplink.com/firmware/br1ac/fw-max_br1mk2_hotspot_sohomk3-8.1.2s021-build5013.bin

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thank you!!

Will this be incorporated into the GA release at any time so I dont have to keep asking for special firmware? Thanks!

@TK_Liew Can you please release updated special firmware that is on 8.1.3 base? Thank you

@mystery, let us bring this to the Engineering Team discussion. We shall share the update with you soon.

Please let me know ETA. And whether this feature can simply be included in the general release so I dont have to keep bothering you. Thank you.

The requested feature is under testing. We need to ensure it doesn’t affect the performance of the rest of the low-end models. Ideally, if the performance doesn’t impact too much, we will include it in the future GA firmware.

thank you. in the mean time, is there a special release that i can use?

@mystery, sorry for the delay. Here you go for the firmware.


thank you! will test soon.

Hi TK,

I have been having problems with bandwidth limitation using firmware 8.1.3build 5052 on a Balance 580. I have several VLANs that I limit using the Staff (100MB) and Guest (50MB) groups. My WAN 1 is 1GB and WAN 2 50MB. The problem is that when the speed test is done, the result shows the rise above the limit assigned in both groups.
Could you help me?

VLAN Staff

@bortega1, please find the attached screenshot. I have no problem with the Individual Bandwidth Limit.

Your IP subnet was natted to another IP address by a device (e.g. firewall/router) behind of the Balance 580? I suggest getting help from your point of purchase to further check the settings.