Qos in balance 380


i was trying to set the bandwid limit to 10mbps but the connections accelerate up to 30mbps or my configuration is wrong?



May I know which firmware version you are using now?

Have you verify and confirm those usage more than 10Mbps is from Vlan 70 only?

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hello sir

my pep version is 8.0.0 just upgrade this morning yes it vlan 70 i saw it in real time graph the bandwith exceed more than 10mbps but i will try to monitor now since the fm upgraded already


Please continue monitor from 8.0.0. Fyi, we have a bug in the old firmware and it has been fixed in 7.1.0 and above.

I don’t think it is possible to verify the source of the usage is from Vlan 70 based on the real-time graph (Status > Real-Time). Please verify at Status > Active Sessions > Search. I believe the usage in WAN2 is a mixture from the rest of the Vlans based on your configuration.

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