QoS for RTMP/RTMPS streaming, Zoom, GoToWebinar

Hi, we’re awaiting our Peplink Max Transit Duo to arrive at our office in the next days. We have set up a FusionHub Solo on a Server in the Cloud, not much to configure on that side.

We need the Peplink Bonding/Smoothing/FEC Solution to have a good internet connection when we are doing Livestreaming and Webinars from remote locations.

I have seen you can prioritize Streaming and VoIP connections in the settings, but i don’t see GoToWebinar or RTMPS/RTMP in there.

Can someone point me in the right direction to get the needed information in there?

We have this scenarios:

  • Streaming via RTMP/RTMPS to Youtube/Facebook/etc
  • Doing Webinars via Zoom (bidirectional)
  • Doing Webinar via GoToWebinar (bidirectional)

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

what are your ISPs at your office? (types of connections, speeds, etc)


we wanna use the peplink routers for mobile use in hotels, event locations. so the available wan’s differ in each location. but we will have most likely always 1x WAN via Ethernetcable (~10-20Mbit/s uploadspeed) or WLAN(as WAN) active and 2x LTE-A Pro (~20MBit/s uploadspeed each). The FusionHubVM is running on a dedicated server in a datacenter. So the FusionHub is our endpoint into the Internet. We’re aiming to get a reliable session stable upload speed value of around 20MBit/s. GoToWebinar or Zoom will use not much, Streaming to Youtube and co will need around 10MBit/s max, so headroom left.

or do you think we don’t need to add extra QoS for all of this? we will have some side traffic on the site, but we can set the outbound rules for these laptops to only use a wan connection directly and not the speedfusion tunnel.

best regards, martin


Did you ever figure this out? I purchased a Pepwave MAX as well, but I’ve had problems streaming RTMP to a media server. I will start with a wired WAN and add a couple of LTE connections, but when I unplug the wired WAN (to simulate a cable modem outage) the RTMP frame drop rate in OBS jumps very high, even though I have plenty of LTE bandwidth available.

Anyone else having issues streaming RTMP?


has anyone found a solution to this problem. kindly share