QoS Fastmedia 500 V6.3.2 on Satellite WAN

Hello PEPlink team / users,

I have an issue with a FM500 that is being used for a Satellite WAN connection.
The issue is that the the WAN bandwidth MUST be keep within the PLAN to prevent over-demand, thus dropping packets. If demand stays high, the provider / link will just keep drop packets until the demand drops (very poor service). The provider is very strict.
I have set the WAN bandwidth as per the link speed (2mb down / 1mb up) - I KNOW! Killer slow, but that is how it is. I have set a QoS for every application group, with only import apps HIGH.

Also turned ON the DSL function to help the low up speed.

Also set ‘everyone’ to be limited, via the ‘INDIVIDUAL LIMIT’ function , 275Kb down and 175Kb up. This is working, but makes it very slow when only 1 to 4 users are on the system (average is 6 to 10) at full load.
(DHCP reserved are ‘staff’) and (DHCP normal are ‘guests’) - so there are NO unlimited connections.
Is there a way to make this sharing of BOTH ‘DOWNLOAD’ and ‘UPLOAD’ dynamic?
Upload rules also work, DOWNLOAD shaping is the issue?