QoS does not work for me

QoS does not work for me “All Supported VoIP Protocols” High, but nevertheless PepVPN has a higher priority. Phone calls are interrupted. Can someone help me with this? We are using SOHO MK3 with the latest firmware.

push :slight_smile:

By any chance do you have this checkbox enabled? If so unchecking this seems like it could be the solution.

Secondly, is your specific VOIP provider listed in the dropdown under “All supported VoIP protocols”? Which one is it?

Thank you for the feedback.
Unfortunately, our VoIP provider is not listed. Is there any way to do this manually?

I tried to set QoS manually, but without success. Only extremely limiting the bandwidth of the PepVPN worked.
It would be interesting to know how QoS prioritizes the different connections to better understand the whole thing.