QoS by IP Address and/or specify min/max traffic

I recently was configuring a TP-Link for my parents and it had a neat feature for QoS. You could program the IP address of the ATA (VoIP adapter for those who don’t know) and specify minimum/maximum bandwidth. I think this would be a cool feature as I have devices on my network I’d like to set as a higher priority rather then setting based on ports and such.

Also time of day would be good too. ie: iDevices like making backups as soon as their plugged in… but I want to set them as a low priority only during the day. (not to mention they work off https so I don’t want to set all https traffic to low… another reason for IP based QoS)

Thanks Michael. Yes these are cool to have.

Peplink supports IP-based QoS via User Group Bandwidth Control. It is a 2-step process involving first grouping IP addresses into different user groups and second setting a min/max bandwidth for these groups. Does this work for you?

We will evaluate “time of day” further since it could apply to other load balancing polices as well as other settings well beyond User Group Bandwidth Control. Anyone has any thoughts on this, feel absolutely free to share.

It would be useful if I could find it. I can’t find an option anywhere in the Balance 20 which allows for what your talking. How do I get to where your talking?

Ah User Group Bandwidth Control is only available on Balance 380 or above. That is why you didn’t spot it. I will mark this a feature request for User Group Bandwidth Control on other Balance models then.

If you want a preview of how easy it is to setup IP-based min/max bandwidth, feel free to have a look under Network > User Group and Bandwidth Control on our Balance demo page.