QOS: Bandwidth control on VSAT/3G/4G question


Often times the 3G/4G does not operate at peak speeds… I’m not sure how or when the user group bandwidth controls kick in… does it go by what speed you configure the wan link to be? In many cases the speed for the 3G/4G modem rarely reaches it’s max speed so would this mean that the bandwidth control really never kicks in because the 3G modem never (or rarely) reaches the speed it’s capable of (or programmed into the wan link configuration)? If the link speed which is set when configuring the wan link controls when bandwidth control kicks in then can it be lower than the actual bandwidth to allow it to kick in sooner… or will the router not allow speeds over the stated speeds when configuring the wan link. Because of the intermittent speeds of radio communications I’m wondering if this bandwidth control system is built to deal with those issues. If someone could explain further how this actually works I’d appreciate it… but I’m wondering if VSAT & 3G/4G how well this really works. Thanks in advance, Sean

Hi Sean, the user group bandwidth control definitely relies on the up/down speed setting that you define for each individual connection. You must be referring to external 3G/4G modems that are handing off Ethernet to the router, this is because we do not provide a speed setting for cellular connections due to their fluctuating nature.

My best advice would be to use an average setting based on your own testing instead of a theoretical marketed value.