QOS Application SIP with alternate SIP port

I would like to prioritize my VoIP calls over SIP using my Balance 20.

I have setup Application based QOS on the Balance 20 and selected VoIP as the application.

My question is: Will this work and still prioritize my VoIP calls since I connect to/from my SIP server (which is out on the internet) using non standard SIP ports?

For example, I do not use 5060 as a source or destination port for my phones. Should I still expect the Balance 20 to prioritize my calls?

I ask because I don’t know how the Balance 20 does QOS, is it by TCP/IP port or something else?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

You may custom your SIP and RTP ports as below.

Thanks, I guess I was looking for a little information as to how the Balance 20 prioritizes traffic when you just select SIP as the application in QOS. Is strictly by TCP/IP port or are there other factors?

@fonewiz, I verified with the team. We managed to do application Qos for the non-standard SIP port if SIP was chosen. We managed to detect whether that is voice packet.