QoS and Speedfusion - videostreaming


I am using 4 peplink routers (30,310,380,Max) to do high bitrate videostreaming. For that I create a speedfusion VPN between these devices.

I am using UDP/RTP streaming to a specific IP address on a specific port.

I noticed the importance of adding a QoS rule in all devices. However, it is unclear if I need to put the priority on the UDP stream or on de VPN stream. What should be the first priority ? Is the content of de VPN packets analysed and thus prioritised ?

Is I put priority on both I get every x-seconds a peak in used bandwidth and drops on the videofeed.

Hope the question wan’t asked before.



I believe it should be same topic as this post, right?

Yes and no. It is more specific: Is the QoS inspecting the speedfusion packets for content or not ?

Of course the purpose is the same: improving high bitrate video streaming stability.


SpeedFusion packets will have higher priority then other Internet traffic.