QMA Connectors for Our Devices

###Why QMA?

When it comes to our devices, there are a lot of RF connectors Peplink could have chosen, but it’s no secret that we aim for the best, in performance and quality. We’re here to tell you why we chose QMA connectors for our latest products over other RF connector types.

QMA connectors are very similar to SMA connectors, having the same internal construction. However, QMA connectors were developed as a newer version of SMA connectors with a 360º rotating snap-on locking interface, resulting in lower RF leakage. This makes installation with our portfolio much quicker, up to 10 times faster, and reliable without the need for any tools.

Another notable feature of QMA connectors is that they don’t need to rely on plastic housings that affect its connectivity. Despite other snap-on connectors being available, the RF line of QMA connectors are identical to that of the SMA series, which has high power and frequency capacities, with frequencies up to 18 GHZ, when compared to other connectors.

These QMA connectors make the suitable option for our devices as they work well for quick and flexible deployments, without having to worry about disconnections from vibrations such as those in an industrial environment.

###What about other RF connectors?

Taken by a teammate, the following is a photo of a router that uses FAKRA (SMB) RF connectors. These connectors are mainly used in the automotive industry and come in different colors to help identify the different connection types.

However, in different applications, the connector’s housing is not always reliable and can easily be damaged, just as shown in the photo. Some might overlook this, but this housing is what secures the connector clips. Simply, broken housing = poorer connection.

With Peplink, each part matters, and we make the whole solution always work, regardless of the application.This is why we choose QMA connectors for our devices.