Q for those that have the POTS Adapter connected to a DTMF Analog phone... "9" double tapping

Hey all that have a POTS adapter:
When you are interacting with a traditional dialed number that has an IVR, is your “9” button double tapping? I’m having this issue and I suspect it’s my POTS phone with a crappy button, but my “new” phone won’t be here for a few days. Just curious if anyone else with a POTS adapter has tried it.

I do want to say I’m really impressed that if I’ve got a new voice mail that went to the POTS Adapter’s SIM, the dial tone stutters, just like the old POTS phones did many years ago. I was not expecting that… It made me feel like I was still in high school.
If you want to test your POTS adapter, call my nerdatorium (+1 346-381-4343) and hit * after four rings and getting the prompt to enter a password for voice mail. Try the password “9515#” and see if you get an invalid password repeat as 99515.


Yeah that’s probably it :slight_smile: