Push Cellular Settings Through Incontrol?

I have stumbled upon the case that I seem to have to bad connection to connect to RWA through cellular but I can still reach the device from incontrol. I can successfully push outbound policies, fw rules, device tools etc but the device is now stuck in a incorrect cellular mode and I can not change the cellular settings via Incotrol from what I can find.

How can I solve this? Is it possible to change cellular settings (LTE bands basically or SIM card) trough the CLI? Or any other way?

These things help me when in a similar situation:

  1. Setup PepVPN to a fusionhub and add an outbound policy (target peplink.com ) to send via VPN. RWA tends to work then on those troublesome mobile networks.
  2. Download running config from IC2 backups, apply to a local device, make changes required, save config, then apply config to troublesome remote device using IC2 bulk configurator.
  3. SMS commands to set custom APNs https://download.peplink.com/resources/SMS+Control+Command+Reference.pdf
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Hi Martin, hope you’re well :slight_smile:
Does not sound like the easiest way to do it but I will give it a try :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip!

nr 1 Did not work unfortunately and 2,3 not possible right now.

I still have a VSAT connection but for some reason I can not use it with remote web admin… After some reading through the forum I begun to wonder if the problem persists in the VSAT connection. Right now the unit has an cellular connection that is down and only has a 100 kbit connection through satellite, but that should be well enough to use RWA i believe. There should be no limitations or firewall on the VSAT so I am wondering what could be the issue here…

I can start to download the RWA page but it sometimes freezes before loading anything or after small parts of the webpage is loaded like the webpage is missing a CSS file or similar… Can this be a latency issue or how can I manage to access it? Works without a problem when the cellular is up and running…