Purchased BR1 Max Pro 5G - Cannot Configure Using Peplink Admin Site

I’m a novice, the set-up of the physical device was easy. However, once SIMS were installed and WiFi was set-up, I wanted to actually configure the router to load balance the SIMs cards (AT&T / T-Mobile), change device name and password and create user accounts. I was not able to connect to the IP address provided by the incredibly weak instructions nor the did the manual provide any guidance.

Is it required to configure the router directly through an ethernet connection?


WeakAzz Technologist

I’ll assume connectivity out to the internet is working and you’re just trying to tune the device.

In a simple network your router IP will be the “default gateway” on your client device. If you take a look at your IP address on your client you’ll see the default gateway. I believe the default network for this device is, try

Quick Response - thank you.

Unfortunately, that was exactly what I did try and got Browser response “This Connection is Not Private, the website may be impersonating “” to steal your personal or financial information. You should close this page.”

When I go to the details it mentions that the Certificate may not be valid.

I can proceed to the website, however given that the certificate may not be valid - is there something I need to do to update the certificate to ensure I don’t encounter a security breach?

You could use inControl to manage the device and when needed launch the Web Admin panel from there. You would not see any certificate warnings using that path.

https://incontrol2.peplink.com - create an account (I use google cuz its easier). Then add your device using its serial number. Then from there in the Device page Settings button there is a Remote Web Admin button to hit the device UI. You can also manage most of the settings using incontrol policies. I’d suggest starting with administering the device directly to become familiar then use incontrol policies later if needed.

Thank you Eric, will do. Let the fun begin. Really appreciate the rapid response and over the shoulder support.


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