Puma 221 hooked to Max BR1 MK2

Puma 221 hooked to Max BR1 MK2 not working. We have been using Max BR1 sitting on RV counter with paddles attached. It works fine. I’m now installing puma 221 Mimo antenna on the roof. I have all laid out on table beside the coach and hooked up to test but none of our devices sees the pepwave now?? It is fine with paddle antennas attached but not the puma-221 mimo antenna. Status=green, WiFi=green & Cellular= green Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! M&M

By “see” you mean that the Pepwave Wi-Fi SSIDs are not accessible?

Just a first guess - with the antenna on the roof and the devices being inside, would the roof by any chance be metal? Wi-Fi from the antenna might have a hard time reaching the inside of the RV if that’s the case.



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Thank you Z for your reply, much appreciated. I disconnected the puma 221 antenna and put the paddle antennas back on. Pep wave works fine and devices can see ssid. Then I took the paddle antennas back off and re-hooked up the puma 221 antennas and now it works. I’m not sure what was going on but when I went back through the process it is now working. Thank you again! Mike

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