Pulsing 580 fans

I have two (2) 580’s with pulsing fans, has anyone else experienced this and has Peplink identified a hardware problem since it doesn’t seem to be firmware related?

Here’s a few examples:

This one was replaced once already before it was even deployed:

Both were fairly early HW2,3 when the new version came out…

This is not a hardware issue but rather a side effect from using an Enterprise-grade device. The Balance 305 and above all have full-time cooling fans in place and we rarely ever get noise complaints because 99% of them are deployed in a rack in a server room with lots of other fan noise from other devices.

In your case it looks to be deployed in a small home office and this is not ideal in terms of noise…

I beg to differ, we have other newer 580’s that do not pulse up and down and that $16k enterprise grade VSAT modem above it doesn’t do it! The VSAT comes on with full fan speed at startup as a test then drops back. Only time the VSAT fans would speed up is if the temperature climbed but that locker has A/C. The 580 is not a “cheap” 1U device so it sure seems reasonable for Peplink to get the fan throttling correct. Raw full speed fan noise I can understand (though not accept), but that is not the issue. There is clearly some temperature based fan throttling going on, it just isn’t done correctly. And it is in the captains office of $30,000,000 superyacht, not a small home office. Lot’s of other 1U equipment onboard and nothing else acts like this!

@Rexymav, are these still under warranty? If not, we have a very affordable out-of-warranty repair service we can offer you. Either way, please open a support ticket and we are happy to look into this:

Happy New Year!

They are under warranty and are in the process of being replaced. What I would like to know is, has Peplink looked in to this issue since I first reported it in August of 2014??

Thanks for the update, glad to hear that! I have not seen any internal communication regarding this and I don’t believe anyone else has reported it, but I will double check and let you know if I find anything.

As always, we appreciate your business and support of our brand!

Numerous communications with Michael Maitland and Taylor Avery about this since the first 580 HW2,3 came in and I noticed it…

Thanks for the info, will definitely look into this more Rexymav!

TK Liew has now reported back that this is a “known issue” with early units. Unfortunately, it seems like not many people within Peplink seem to know about it! A range of affected S/N’s would be helpful…

The unit in the 2nd video was replaced today and the captain reports the noise is 100% better. We’ll get the 2nd 580 swapped as soon as possible, but it will involve some international shipping…



Thank you for your continuos feedback that the replacement unit is showing positive results. Please raise your second replacement request and we shall process the replacement.

We will continue to assess the fan issue from partners and customers and respond accordingly.

Thank you.